Sadness And Razors Don't Mix Testo

Testo Sadness And Razors Don't Mix

You are a waste of life he said, as he pulled me to the ground.
I'm bleeding I'm bleeding out.
Lights out, I'm surrounded. Show me who you are.
Take me, Take me with you now.
I am ready.
I am on the bridge and I am walking towards the edge,
I am seeing things so clearly now, it's one more step till the end.
I am on the bridge, I am at the edge, one more step till the end.
Is this close enough for you?
I am just the man with the megaphone in hand,
screaming at the top of my lungs.
Better you than I said the man through his teeth,
we are all just skin and bones.
Oh, with open cuts I bleed, and the room is spinning.
I close my eyes and try to sleep, but I'm not sleeping.
The razors edge it cuts so deep, and it's so revealing.
I open up my lungs to breathe, but I'm not breathing.
I try to undo all the things that I've done,
but nothing will save me now.
I swear, nothing can save me now
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