The Only Release Testo

Testo The Only Release

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
You wouldnt believe the pain thats tearing through my head if you were in my place then youd wish you were dead locked in a cage like a prison cell im living in a living hell all around screams of fear yet they fall upon deaf ears Why wont they leave me in peace is death really my only release Tortured to death behind closed doors my cries for help are just ignored set me free please if it was you insted of me youd be screaming to be set free set me free please animal liberation and your human rights its all the same struggle its all the same fight set us free please Why wont they leave me in peace is death really my only release And now theyre coming back to put me on the rack to put me through pain for their financial gain and you know that this aint right so show your car eabout my plight 1-2-3-4 kick in that laboratory door 5-6-7-8 liberate

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