Public Housing Testo

Testo Public Housing

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
By da car by da house
Spend it by da thousand
Money stacked tall trappin out da public housing [x2]

Money stacked tall dog everyday I get it
Runnin thorugh dese public housing tryna see a meal ticket
I ain't playin a soccer so the juice don't kick it
I only fuck with those tryna get to them digits
Old school 72 sittin on dem scotty pippins
Blowin bubba kush and red eye is how da juice live it
U can catch me in the hood dog bustin down chicken
With multi colored diamonds got me all da pretty women
Eatin popa dows shorty take yo bitch for dennys
Man I'm boomin off da chain dog and I really live it
Man I'm cookin up da yola call it ice water whippin
I'm doin it with one hand like I made benny honda chili
Infinty truck on da dabbin flow steady spinnin
Gettin 2 da money like I'm doin shows in city
With princess cut diamonds same color officer friendly
Young juiceman dog you gotta fuck with me

By da car by da house
Spend it by da thousand
Money stacked tall trappin out da public housing [x2]

Everydays a struggle tryna get it out da city street
Sumones posted up in da kitchen whippin up a quarter key
Gotta stay down cause the dividends excite me
Young juiceman and that cocaine intice me
Sack to sack livin man I had to get da yayo off
Trappin outta house with a mat 90 an sawed off
Pirates and dat fork long jevety done payed off
Now I'm bustin down dem chickens boomin with a pay out
Porche truck lookin like sum chinese flavored duck sauce
6 cell phones got da trap spot jumpin off
Ridin on a war dun atlanta flacons touch down
Talkin bout hold da praise an I'm pitchin off a stone mount
Link under a jet skii pound from da indies
Money stacked tall way back frum da 90s
Young juiceman with a swagg so cold
I ice grilled da necklace den I ice grilled ma golds

By da car by da house
Spend it by da thousand
Money stacked tall trappin out da public housing [x2]

I'm a buy da car by da house spend it by da thousand
Only chain here juice dun spent bout 20 thousand
All my jewelry together worth a couple duplex houses
Put it all together man da juice buyin islands
G4 at the house I had 2 buy a pilot
Cookin with my right hand dog an I'm stylish
Pocket with them gualas so I'm walkin with a swagg
Dolces on my face got swagga jackers think I'm mad
Nima market shoppin an I'm walkin out with bags
Pinky ring look like a 65 inch glass
Oj da juice I'm da man with da cash
Trap spot full so I'm handin out bags
All dese empty brick rappers got me stackin trash
Trap by trap man now I'm rakin up da cash
72 impala I dun spent bout 40 cash

By da car by da house
Spent about a thousand
Money stacked tall trappin out da public housing [x2]
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