Antarctica Starts Here (John Cale) Testo

Testo Antarctica Starts Here (John Cale)

The paranoid great movie queen sits idly, fully armed
Powder and mascara, they're a warning light for charm
We see her every movie night, the strong against the weak
The lines come out and struggle with the empty voice that speaks, that speaks

Her heart is oh so tired now, of kindnesses gone by
Like broken glasses in a drain, gone down but not well spent
The road from Barbary to here, she stole then sold right back
The vanity, insanity, her hungry heart forgave
The fading bride's dull beauty grows just begging to be seen
Beneath the magic lights that reach from Barbary to here

Her schoolhouse mind has windows now
Where handsome creatures come to watch
The anaesthetic wearing off
Antarctica starts here
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