Nathan Testo

Testo Nathan

There's a little town inside my head,
children warm in little beds.
Someone could have kept this town,
but he went down,
he went down,
he went down to the devil.

There's an old graveyard, and, behind a fence,
people try to make it make sense.
Someone could have showed me around,
but he went down to the devil.

And the cold waves crashed on him,
and the demons followed him down
to a place where he heard not a sound,
he went down to the devil.

I took the child, I made him cry,
and I held him down under the water.
Then I went down to the hardware store
and found a sheet to wrap him in.

Oh father, can you hear me now?
This child you have forsaken,
singing as I walk the path,
although my voice is breaking?

And I go down, I go down,
I go down with the demons and the hounds
I go down to find you.
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