No Easy Way Down Testo

Testo No Easy Way Down

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Your toy balloon has sailed in the sky now
But now it must fall to the ground.
Now your sad eyes reveal just how badly you feel
There is no easy way down.

The view from the cliffs must have been exciting
And up to the peaks, you were bound.
Now you're stranded alone, and the path is unknown
There is no easy way down.

And I know it isn't very easy
When you find yourself alone
And I know it isn't very easy
When each road you take is just one more mistake,
There's nothing to break your fall
And no one to bring you back home…

We all like to climb to the heights, dear
Where our fantasy world can be found
But you must know in the end, when it's time to descend
There is no easy way down.

There is no easy way down.
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