Savannah Smiles Testo

Testo Savannah Smiles

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Midnight, late last week
My daughter's diary
Didn't know what it might be 'til it was open

I only read one page
And then put it away
Talk about your big mistakes
Hey, Shan, nice going

Photos show no tears
And her eyes, all those pretty years gone by
I just cannot believe could do that to a child
A child
A child

Shannon just flew down
Four days back in town
She sleeps and lies around and then she goes up
And then one day, she's gone
What should I have done?
Joe turns the tv on with all the lights out

Photos on the wall
She's my baby
She's my baby doll
Is she someone I don't know at all?
Is she someone I betrayed?

It's a great day in the fall
And the radio's singing down the hall
And I rise to turn it off cause all I'm seeing is her face
Age 8
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