Thirsty Testo

Testo Thirsty

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
(featuring Black Keith) [Black Keith] You don't even know me, you can't even see me Friendly of the daylight, now I'm back, now I'm back again Don't be scared baby, can't you see I'm thirsty? Friends of the daylight, let me drink, let me drink, my friend Don't be scared baby, don't be afraid Friends of the daylight, and I'm back, and I'm back again [Chorus: Black Keith] Never going nowhere, you can't run from me Day and night baby, can I drink, can I drink again Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, can we drink, can we drink, my friend? Don't be scared baby, don't be scared, baby Can't you see I'm thirsty? And I'm back, and I'm back, again [Ol' Dirty Bastard] What, first things first, man, you can't fight the curse You can't call the doctor, you can't call the nurse You got that Louie Loco on the side of your purse And those tight mint sixties, about to make me burst I can't think, let me sink into your jugular Come have a drink, with the thirsty love guzzler From the darkside, baby, don't be afraid You can't fight the thirst, nor escape the Blade I'm been scopin' ya, hopin' you be open to Take a sip, of the potion cuz it's overdue It's not your ordinary, it's a special brew In the heat of the night, I will rescue you [Chorus] [Interlude: Blade: Trinity sample] Allow me a parting gift, to remember this Sooner, no later, the thirst, always drink [Outro: Black Keith] Yeah, yeah, and I'm back, and I'm back again Live, live.... back again

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