Drowning In The Days Testo

Testo Drowning In The Days

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
i've been reading books when no one's looking
i've been listening to the sirens in the night
robert says i'm going straight to hell yeah
if i hang around here i just might

and i'd like to take some medicine
i'd like to drink some wine
i'd like to wake up numb like all my friends

there's a road to where i came from
it gets longer all the time
there's a road to where i'm going, never ends

and my moon it always sways
and my guitar always plays and plays

drowning in the days oh oh

i've been writing fairytales in postcards
writing down the story of my life
carrie says i'm make everything so hard
carrie says i'm difficult- she's right

and i'd like to take some medicine
i'd like to take you home
i'd like to get that woman off my mind
well i like your pouty lips
i like your pretty little bones
but i'm sleeping with the porcelain tonight

and my cloud it always rains
ken's feedback always fades

drowning in the days oh oh
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