Tennessee Pusher Testo

Testo Tennessee Pusher

Inserito il 19 Settembre 2008
Chiude il Roxy Bar, celebre grazie a Vasco Rossi
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out on the lonely highway
im ridin your way
tell your momma to bar the cabin door
headin out on a short run
just lookin for someone
who doesnt love me anymore

tennessee pusher x 3

last night in the hollar
i made a thousand dollars
but i couldnt believe just what i saw
you were out in the moonlight
until the break of daylight
giving your love to the law

tennessee pusher x 3


climbin up on the mountain
heart beat poundin
reckless as a cyclone
youre the one that im after
but im a wanted man for
bringing it all back home


now there's gun smoke in the valley
blood like jelly
three crows circle a dead tree
one for the lover
one for the pusher
one for the deputy

tennessee, tennessee, tennessee pusher
tennessee pusher x 3

Scarica la suoneria di Tennessee Pusher!
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