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Testo Song Songs

Bar songs
Clink songs
Man, right on the brink songs
Songs that make you think songs
That say your girlfriend stinks songs
While I've got your ear
What do you wanna hear?

Smile songs
Cry songs
I'm living a lie songs
Songs that ain't too long songs
That you know every single word to
So you can sing along songs

Songs to help you forget how you hate your life
Your job, your wife
Songs that call out to broken hearts
Sung so damn loud, heavens part
Yeah, that's my favorite part
Songs written down to say it's gonna be okay
Even on a rainy day
Or when your best friend goes away

Drug songs
Dance songs
Hard to comprehend songs
Songs without a plan songs
About taking a stand songs
While I've got your ear
What do you wanna hear?

Love songs
Hate songs
Songs soaked in cigarette regrets
Ill-placed bets and unpaid debts
Played in attempts to resurrect
Faded feelings that we forget songs

Songs to remind you, you should love your life
Quit being afraid
Be like that music that you play
With your guitar or in your car
Songs can't tell you who you are
But they feel so real
And I just can't get enough
Where would we be without the songs that we love

So while I've got you here
What do you wanna hear?
So while I've got your ear
What do you wanna hear?
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