The Shawdow And The Moon Testo

Testo The Shawdow And The Moon

He waits up in his room
Don't think I'll see his face
His shadow's walking in
The light of the moon

Its sparks my interest
I want to know this man
But I don't think I can
He's starting to like me less


He knows I am waiting at the door
He looks not at me but at the floor
My presence makes him
A bit uneasy
I'll wait for him until I fall cold
And the reaper comes to claim my soul
Maybe I should let this thing go...
Hell no

Who knows what darkness lives,
With him in his loneliness
Devoid of human love
Or so I assume

Beware of getting near
My heart is pounding hard
But now I've come this far
I can't turn back in fear

My decision stands
I will not make a move
Unknown what all will prove
With nothing in my hands

He waits up in his room
Self confined in solitude
And so forever moves the shadow in the moon
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