Brown Love Testo

Testo Brown Love

(feat. Bigg Bandit, Chiko Dateh, Lil' Demon, Slow Pain)

[Verse 1: Slow Pain / Lil' Demon]
Gangsta lockin'
All the homies on stroll
Somos Pocos Pero Locos
On hood patrol
Brown 83 Regal
A limited edition
Ol' Town Gangtas on the "Say What" mission
Big Q'vo to the hoods
Puttin' it down
Big S.G.V.'s to them 213's
And the 562's
18 Streeters, La Puente got them heaters
All the Pico Ville homies in the Big Rivera gang
Southeast riders
We doing sick thangs
One way, no why
Keep it gangsta with a glock
Monte Flores keep it cocked, (???) body chop
I slip and slide to the eastside
Little Valley, Lincoln Heights
Gangstas for life
To my V.M.E. OG's
True homies
East L.A. Trece
What's up, ese
All the real homeboys
Cuffed up, stay up
And all the hoods I didn't mention
It's still brown love

[Chorus: Chiko Dateh]
Thank you Lord, for the clouds you made for me
This dedicated to all the homies
All my Southsiders stuck doing life
God bless your kids and your wife


[Verse 2: Bigg Bandit]
Lowridin', eastsidin', Southside the gang
Keep it crackin' in the streets cause it ain't gone change
PUffin' weed, gettin' high as we ride and die
Hit a switch on a [{*bitch*}] as we passin' by
Rollin' through neighborhoods cause they show us love
18's what it kick, plus we rollin' on dubs
We the tightest rap homies that you ever seen
Like my homie Lil' Casper from, Evergreen
L.A., C.A. is the place I'm from
Filled with real killers, homie shake the dumb
You turn, you learn
Messin' with us
Got you sippin' when I'm trippin', watch my heat gone bust
Laying laws behind bars when I'm off these streets
Playing ki's, making G's over gangsta beats
This ain't gone stop 'til we shoot the cops
We on the mission for the missile so we can reach the top

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Lil' Demon]
Oh yeah
We dippin' through the V side
All inked up, G'ed up in the lowride
My homie Knightowl stay down for war
Who do it like us
We knockin' out doors
This is Ol' Town Gangstas, big R-1-3
Much love to my primos from the V-P-V
And all you other gangbangers on these southeast streets
Solo from the Rock
Speedy Jim Pound
Chavita Latin Kings keep puttin' it down
Chato La Florencia, tattin' it up
Chapo Ensenero, you know what's up
Sneaks and Slim
Pomono 12th Street
Dreamer and Lazy
Halves 43
Tomy from Masuza, what's up holmes
Bad Boy, White Fence
Stranger P. Flats
Stay street, locos, put the hoo-hoo on the map

[Chorus x4]
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