Heart On My Sleeve Testo

Testo Heart On My Sleeve

You think you've heard this before
I'll try and say it differently
As long as it comes naturally to me
It's been making me sad
Cause I can't find a better way
To speak the words I wanna say to you

You know how I love you
You know I need you

And I want you to know
Won't let you down
No, I can't let go
And I want you to see
Every day I wear my heart on my sleeve
On my sleeve

It's been drivin' me mad
Consistent tones and constant drones
Keep pulling me back inside my head
Nothing matters at all
The world will keep on spinning round
All these feelings keep on pouring out

Oh, how I love you
Oh, how I need you

I try to write the words down
Before they're lost and won't come out
Oh, please
Help me save my soul

No I can't let you go
Can't let her go
Oh, I want you to know
Won't let you down
Everyday yeah I can't let go
I wear my heart on my sleeve
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