For Marchosias Testo

Testo For Marchosias

Shall you Return?
to the 7th Throne of the Kings
after twelve hundreds long
Fiery tormented years

The fall
So long
Way down

To the Archetype order
of Unoriginal Sins
Their blissful Pride never bows
But is deceiving therein

Blood and semen

For Marchosias [x3]

Angry Spirit Cursed in the Chains
Hear my words as I wish for Woe
Grant me the will of the arrogant
Bound to Thee, to an earned fall


For Marchosias [x3]

(Invocation of Inferior Spirits)

Ever - flowing stream
Red, no longer clean
Now account to me
Breedless misery
Song of Everlast
Slip, and drowning fast
The Throne Returns to Me
A debt that Time has Seed

The prideful feel no Pain!
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