To Allores Testo

Testo To Allores

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
By the grim gray
The steel of Astron silver
The blissful mask
The untimely Entropy (of All)

The fall of contradiction
Under the striding Hooves
Scars of the Unexpected
Beauty of ultimate Absolutism

The restrain that ceases
The bounds that now expire
Minimizing non - existence
Expansion of the infinite

A Gift of Grandeur
Relic of the Blade
Vanishing Monumentum,
the Hastened light

A shower of Scorn
The Wind of Aeternity
By the Smokes of Flegethon
We swear to the Waters of Styx

A violent staggering
Splashes true in the Veins
Visage of a grin
The Fortresses built for the Hearts

Still and pure, a one way call
Magnetic whirl that draws
An edge in firm rotation
The purpose that bound
of ecstatic outbreak
The chords of the soul
Shake and echoe
To the worlds beyond

Frenzy - Self reason
Destruction - a reward
Vanishment - the cause

Mono ena aionio telos
dichos arhi
Kai akarpi,
aspondi sigi...

For the Faceless Warrior
The Wings and the Broadsword
The silver flashing end
The coldening to purify

A Blade of Crystal
To Tear Down the Heavens
The Glorious Day
This Clash will Resolve!

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