Vampires Testo

Testo Vampires

demo played on The FOX Radio on July 15, 2004

You wanna revolution
You want blood
You wanna be rich
You wanna die young
You twist and you turn
You itch and you burn
You're like a vampire in the sun

You wanna new solution
You want love
You wanna be god
But God has a gun (But God is a God, gun)
He's shining it clean (He's shiny and clean)
And makes you believe
What are we really looking for

If you want blood
Can you bring me back to life
If you want blood
Can you bring me back to life
And bring me back to life

Don't waste tomorrow
Won't sing the sorrow
Just leave it all behind

Don't waste tomorrow
Won't let them swallow you up
Or change you're mind

You wanna be the one they talk about
You wanna be rude

You'll never stay proud (?)
You get what you cut (?)
You'll never be lost (?)
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