A Jury Of Wolves Testo

Testo A Jury Of Wolves

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Pushed away
This is my dream, I'll die to defend it
A jury of wolves, chained to a city
All of my heroes are thieves

This is a warning
Time will haunt you
I will cut you down

I pray you fear that end is near.

Breathe in the air,
now that we're older, isn't it colder than before?
And I had a heart of gold but it doesn't seem to shine bright anymore.
So let's open a jar of fireflies
and light up your room tonight, and lose track of our lives,
doesn't it feel just like the first time?

Breathe in the air,
isn't it colder than you remember?
And this summer breeze could make me believe it's the dead of december.

Always wanting to feel alive and always ending up unsatisfied,
'cause no matter how I try, it'll never feel just like the first time.

I claim this hate
All the scars on your sleeve are the price that you pay
Idols turn to dust
All your beliefs covered in rust

Bring down the throne
Tear down the altar
Burn it in your mind,
I will protect this with my life

Can you hear me?
This is a song of a traitor,
In a world of open wounds.
Are you listening?
This is a song of a traitor,
In a world of open wounds

So after all we've learned, after all we've seen, and after everything
Will you help me tear it down?
And after all the lies that kept us occupied while they slipped the knife,
Won't you help me tear it down?

No heroes, no traitors
Who will you believe?
Bring down the throne
Tear down the altar.
And after all the years they tricked us into stacking bricks,
Won't you help me tear it down,
So we can rebuild it?
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