Nameless Hero Testo

Testo Nameless Hero

Crossing the sea in sovereign lands
Where snow is covering the blood
Of brave young soldiers full of pride
You're there to watch your mother land
You died defending dreams
And for all comes the countdown
To your last night
You searched only one desire
To finally see your free land
But you're dead holding strong your gun
Losing life is better than sell your soul
Your hands grab a crucifix
Your eyes will not see the twilight
Explodes the night with the roar of bombs
Your brothers cry
Feel lost but fought fierce
Head to head for their pride
Now there's no time to dry the tears
We left you alone with your great fear
But you have given us a lesson for all
That is to fight and die for your mother land
With broken wings from hunters land
I will lift up our heads to cry
Like a man without faults
Seeking justice and why
There are wounds that time does not heal
As the loss of a child
You stayed there in that hell
Land of fire and ice
Vigil for our sister earth
Nameless Hero
Will live inside us
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