4 Walls Testo

Testo 4 Walls

(feat. Yummy)

[Verse 1]
Let me start by sayin this love is no fantasy
I'm just here to fulfill all your fantasies tonight, what ever it takes to turn you on
(and don't worry) You here with me (take advantage) com closer please (watch me get manish)
How could something so wrong feel so right
Cant worry bout it tonight

If these 4 walls could conversate their might be more
They'd tell all about your ?(ooh it got me hooked on you)
We both know these 4 walls can not talk
So let's make love
You should know what done in the dark shall always
Come to light, not tonight it feels right
We both know these 4 walls can not talk so let make love

[Verse 2]
Let forget about the past cause all that is history
Focus on now tonight girl its you and me
So please turn off the phones and take off your clothes
(and thinking) possibly you and me were ment to be
But circumstances for my relationships make it hard for me
I cant think about her with this sexy brown skin in my face, say ooh


Aye, All around the world, fellas fellas fellas
This what I need you to do
If you want that woman tonight, and you know she got a man
This what I want you to tell her
Say this right hurr this what I want you to say, say this right hurr

[Prettie Willie]
I ain't worried about cho man, I wanna make love tonight
(and ladies if you don't care I want you to say this)
Well I ain't worried about cho woman I wanna make love tonight
[Prettie Willie]
(and fellas you ask her dis right hurr foreal, ask this)
Is there any room in yo pants I wanna make love tonight
(and ladies if you willing to go down then let it go down)
So grab me by the hand
[Prettie Willie]
(say dat right there)
And we gon make love tonight
[Prettie Willie]
(and y'all gon get it on fasho, do dat)

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