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Testo Gimme Dat

Inserito il 27 Febbraio 2011
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  So gimme dat, gimme dat. I like 
dat. Girl I like that. Gimme 
 dat. Make you gimme dat. I like 
that. Girl in wan touch, 
 I'm ready to be burnt. Oh yeah. 
The roof is on fire. Oh-oh, 
 oh-oh. This girl is on fire. She's 
on fire. I'm ready to 
 be burnt. 
  [Verse 1]
  I love the way you dey work it. 
The way you twist your body 
 and the way you wine that. It's 
kinda dirty. Girl I wan touch, 

 I'm ready to be burnt. Girl you 
too much (much). So tell 
 me why I no go rush (rush). Your 
body is so tempted to touch 
 (touch). Girl I wan touch, I'm 
ready to be burnt. Girl you 
 too hot, hot. 
  Me see you anytime me wan touch, 
touch. My friends dem 
 a say me too rush, rush. But sorry 
baby girl I cant stop, 
 stop. You too much, much. It's 
too hot, hot. x2. 
  Girl you too much, she's on fire 
hey! Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh. 
 She no dey tire hey! Girl I wan 
touch, I'm ready to be burnt. 
  [Verse 2]
  Girl you know you blow my mind. 
My mind, mind. Like Shakira/Beyonce, 

 your hips no dey lie. I love the 
way your body twist and wine 
 (wine, wine). Cos I see you my 
baby, man no dey cry. Baby 
 move your body close to mine. 
I just wanna be right by your 
 side. Cos you know how to make 
things right. Girl I dey feel 
 you, carry dey go. 

Scarica la suoneria di Gimme Dat!
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