Like An Animal Testo

Testo Like An Animal

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
You can't wait all the time, ev'rybody
And you're waisting for the time !!
I can change the rest of your life
Cause everytime you've been down
Keep dancin' all the night with your baby
I can see you again
Don't stop, keep movin'your ass
Guys wathin" you everywhere

Everybody want to try your body
Through the pain
Try to look like the women around

If you like an animal
Adopted a troll
Like an animal, like an animal

If you like an animal
Like an animal
Adopted a troll

You don't care what they said about me
Trying to change our way
Don't be afraid by these words
Don't means nothing about you and me
Please my baby don't ear nobody
Please don't waste your time
I know everything's allright
Cause there arriving goo times
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