Ride My Bike Testo

Testo Ride My Bike

Don Lynch
Its The Pack
Dj Play This Song

Gotta Hit Dat Bitch Oh Go Go Go Go Stupid
Go Go Go Go Dumb Go Go Go Go Stupid Go Go
Gotta Shit Dat Bitch Oh Go
Hit Dat Bitch Oh Go
Hit Dat Bitch Oh Go
Hit Dat Bitch Oh Go
Hit Dat Bitch Oh Go

[Verse 1: Lil B]
S.S.S.S Bitch Give Me Sex
Rich Nigga Bends My Dick Like A Lex
Jump Up On Dat Stick Like A Vet
Yeah Imma Dog Chase Cat Like Vet Ayy
Yeah Make The Pussy Pop Buddabopba
Eat Dat Skeet, Yeah To Da Last Drop
Pack Boys Got Lil Dick Nigga Rich
Nigga Bitch Tryna Fuck A Nigga
Lil B Lil B Up In Da Club
Ice On My Neck Look Like Light Bulbs
Bling Bling Bling Bling
Dingaling Dingaling
Party At My House We Can Fuck Till Da Bed Scream
Bed Cream Plus Cream Like A Dick Fien
Got Bass Got Bass Like A Dope Fien
Dj Dj Like Don Lynch
Hotline Hotline Get Lached Up


[Verse 2: Stunna]
G G Gaaa G Ga Go
Stunna Man Baby Im Ice Like Snow
Have You Eva Seen Lambo's On A Four Door
Bitch Me Niether But I Still Fuckin Go
Im On Tour Where You At?
I Need A Freak Bop Kno How To Pimp Back
Gotta Big Bat So I Need A Fat Cat
Stunna Got Racks What You Finna Do For Dat
Hop In The Scrap Thang, Fuck Da Mayback
No Champaine But The Seats Go Back
My Pole Stand Tall Baby Can You Ball
You Aint Gotta Talk But I Want That Jaw
My Hit Game Nice
My Fit Game Tight,
I Match Everyday I Got Differant Color Ice
Get A Fat Stack Throw It Out Like Rich
Gangtas N Strippers Im Up All Night


[Verse 3: Young L]
Yeah What It Do Man I Got A Double Room
I Go Cuddie Go Bitch Oh Go
Single On The Radio Spins Gon Go
Vans On The Shelf Spend Over Bout 4
Hear The Microphone
Hit A Microphone
Hit Me On The Phone
Girl Give Me Some
Give Me Good Good Nd Ill Give You Good Wood
Vitamin D Good D Oh Go,Yesssssssss(Yesssss)
Go Go I I Ice On My Piece My Piece Go
You Dnt Go S.S.S.S Click On My Hand
Hand Tatted Up Racks On Da Vus
Racks On Da Bus
Call Me L Imma Call You Girl
Come On Girls Ill Rock Your World...
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