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Testo 50 To A Pound

One Direction: Zayn Malik lascia la band
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How can you deal with the pain
All alone by the window, how can I complain
The light really shines over you
But if you're breaking your back
Do you know these things are true
And when you are coming down
It doesn't matter 'bout you
It doesn't matter 'bout you

One night of madness
You can look straight into these eyes
Turns into sadness
You walk away, it's not your crime
Your blood will thicken
Boil to the point step in line
With no aggravation you'll step in line
You'll get your time
You'll get your time

Did you ever feel we're the same
Now we've fallen apart
And I tell you we can't complain
And then you lay down the law for me
If it's right or wrong
Well we'll just have to wait and see

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