Heart In Your Heartbreaker Testo

Testo Heart In Your Heartbreaker

Take a look around when you're going down
'Cuz you'll never feel so high
as when you hid in her arms in the sky
and the world slept

And there's no use to say just how much it kills
when it still kills all the same
Every thought of her name
like a hand to an open flame

She was the heart in your heartbreak
She was the miss in your mistake
And no matter what you take,
you're never going to forget

She was the tear in a rainstorm
She was the promise that you would've sworn
And no matter what you say,
it's never gonna come back

An ambulance goes by, and you wonder why
it never stops when you want it to
It never stops when you need it to
take you away

And your friends don't understand that the world could end,
and it would feel no worse than this
Every thought of the look in her eye
like a cold California sky

And no matter what you pray,
It's never gonna take the pain away
And even if she'd stay you know it's wrong

And no matter what you pray,
it's never gonna take the pain away
'Cuz even if she'd stay, you know she's gone
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