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Testo My Terrible Friend

Inserito il 18 Febbraio 2011
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What did you take? 'Cuz that's what I'll take,
and I can't take it without you

When I feel dead, I lay in my bed
I don't want to lay here without you

Now you can't stand, well I understand
You can take my heavy hand

'Cuz I can't resist the touch of your lips
I feel the bliss on my fingertips-oh shit

And I'm scared that this could end
face down in the park again
wondering where I left my mind last night
but that's alright, you're my terrible friend

Everyone is pretty and fun, everyone is lovely and young
Everyone is gentle and gone, but everyone's just everyone

And you're the one who's breaking me
And you're the one who just won't leave
Still I don't want it to end, you are my terrible friend

Scarica la suoneria di My Terrible Friend!
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