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Testo Can't Hide

Inserito il 13 Ottobre 2011
Lee Ryan arrestato per droga e guida in stato di ebbrezza
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I've written about my inner wars, but i could give a shit about right now, most of me is all strength and all of me is at war with dope but my eyes are clear in sight my guts are blazing, i might have a life I can't hide, to erase, what I've done- last year, and the years before It still takes assholes of all kinds on that fact I am still clear, (cause) I should know and now I do I'm one of them I'm just like you I'm just like you A man that stands his ground with strength Last year, and years before Can't hide myself I won't try It makes me strong It makes me strong It makes me strong It blows away weakness It blows away detachment It blows away the depression inside It blows away the mental withdrawal It blows that shit away

Scarica la suoneria di Can't Hide!
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