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Won't you join my powow. Won't you be my soul pal. Flyin like the birds. We ain't droppin no turds. We're freakin cause we're born to. Can you feel the vibe. U wanna dance to the beat. We won't drop you like a load. P-Roach is not feeble. We ain't close to evil. We hip hop freaks. Like the 3B's. People shown me trash. I can't get with that. My Homey Will is bustin out cause he's a freaked out cat. I go on with the words like BillyJoeBob. Auction me off like a bicycle. Tricycle. I'll nock you on the ground I'll hit you in the head. And u'll still be my friend. I'm a dirtycutfreak. Livin in the fourth dimension. Not payin attention to the fools around me. I sling fat rhymes see. Your head is bouncin up and down. All around. So high on life your feet can't reach the ground. Our music's not for the weak at heart. Got the power from the flower cause we never act hard. Just flowin on freakstyle. All the while. I will go thousands of miles to make your booty smile. I give peace and love to all my peoples that's down and all my brothers & sisters. Wanna give them a pound. Onion hardcore...

Scarica la suoneria di DirtyCutFreak!
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