My Heart Is A Fist Testo

Testo My Heart Is A Fist

I surrender,
I know I've been a pretender
You can have this guilt this misery I wear so well
I wave my flag I sound the alarm
Somebody stop me before I do any harm
I surrender
I know I've been a pretender

I'm living a dead life I'm staring into the headlights
Of a gateway car that'll take me out of my mind tonight

Crash and burn s.o.s. somebody help me get out of this mess of a dead life
I'm burning under the spotlight

My heart is a fist drenched in blood
My soul will fight again

Take a look at these hollow eyes- one last look before I say goodbye
To this candle-lit nightmare I feel like can never escape

So watch me fall from grace - watch me carve my hate
In the heart of a lover I feel I can never escape my fate


I see you on your cloud looking down
I am on my knees today but you don't notice me
You don't notice me
I'm screaming while I pray
While I pray
While I pray
You don't notice me
I'm sick of you...
I am done with you...

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