Reckless Testo

Testo Reckless

Please forgive me while I turn out the lights
Watch this haunted day turn into a wasted night
So cut me off-throw me down
Cause I'm reckless, goddamn son of a bitch!
I'm reckless
So reckless
God save me from this madness
I'm walking on broken glass from the wreckage of my past
I'm locked up in a cage 'cause I'm a prisoner of my ways
So cut me off-throw me out
'cause I'm reckless, I'm a reckless goddamn son of a bitch!
Thank god I've got a women with my name across her heart
Loving me ain't easy, loving me is hard
I'm sorry about the madness but that's the way its gotta be
'cause it takes a crazy woman to love a reckless man like me
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