Thrown Away Testo

Testo Thrown Away

I kill the rhyme again I'm comin sick and on time again words manifest from deep inside where people hide within it chemical unbalanced on the triple beam fuck what you heard it's about what I seen iseen it happen back hand brand to face smackin definite disorder now his mindset is blackened the doctors say he's got the brain of a murderer this rugged style steals yo brain like a burglar my heart is bleeding and this pain will not pass it's not receding my body going numb a bad trip child rolling stoned keeping high he don't know what he's doing he just keep getting by go away I want to be thrown away born sick nothing in his hands but his dick he couldn't handle pressure couldn't handle shit for the life he was leading led him down the wrong path where guns blast don't give a shit about the gods wrath don't want to talk to the counselor Dr. to tell'em what real tell'em what's proper the situations unclear like grey and I know it gets worse everyday I am a mess I've made a huge mess I can't control myself I'm losing it I've lost it I've spilt all my marbles eat a bowl of fuck cause I see you inside of me sometimes I want to be thrown away a hyper spaz and that is we sometimes I want to be thrown away voices in my head don't tell me to do it cause I will no

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