Only Jah Mercy Testo

Testo Only Jah Mercy


Oh bless us with life of

[Jah San:]
Glorify of Abraham, Isaac,

[Jacob Shabba:]
Everytime enuh

Our Lord Saviour Christ Who is, who was, who is yet come Salvation cyaan done I greet you Check it all youth dem Unnuh hear mi

Only Him alone enuh Only Him alone

[CHORUS: Both]
Only Jah mercy Papa San seek Fi take mi off Babylon street Puppa mi thirsty Mount Zion mi got reach Babylon River too deep

[VERSE 1:]
[Shabba:] Yow nuh mek Satan rule you tek care yuself nuh lust afta Babylon wealth
[San:] Oh yes, call pon Jehovah any time yu need help Yu can?t call upon yuself
[Shabba:] Jah made di male di female tell wi fi multiply Here comes I I I
[San:] Nuff we lost, Nuff we fail Because we live lie For us was crucified
[Shabba:] died


[VERSE 2:]
[San:] Jah mek Jupiter, Venus, mars firmament moon stars gi wi di bright sunshine,
[Shabba Shabba:] Autumn, winter, summer, spring make everything San can one man so kind
[San:] Remember Ackee, jimbilin, mango pumpkin Pomegranate breadfruit
[Shabba:] man cast demon inna hog every body know truth, yow


Sing aloong
[Both:] Nana, nah nana nah Nana nah nah Na nah na nay aye [x2]

[VERSE 3:]
[San:] yu ignore mi word nuh look weh yu go Yu wi buck up inna fire cause hell down yah so
[Shabba:] Tek heed yaw my brother, listen my Song Wipe devil finga offa yu hand
[San:] Tell mi why yu appetite so strong just fi kill man Yu nuh fi follow Satan, watch ya
[Shabba:] Segregation, repatriation it is must One stop driver pon de devil man bus
[San:] Wi nuh inna dem congregation cause nutt?n dem nuh worth So mek wi give praises (Yesus)


[VERSE 4:]
[San:] Well, dem send we go school dem steal all books
[Shabba:] dem gwaan like dem cool when sumn? dem look
[San:] dem first mi tek but mi nuh see weh dem put
[Shabba:] Repent Babylon boops
[San:] Sing aloong
[Both:] Nana, nah nana nah Nana nah nah na nah na nay aye

Nana, nah nana nah Nana nah nah na nah na nay

[Verse 2]

[Chorus x2]

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