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con, con herre, reppin one the microphone paperboys here, reppin one the microphone double A coming through, we were slightly gone critical, vegabond keep it tight for y'all (Vinni) yo i know i'm hopeless i was high when i wrote this so focus, i don't wanna die with the dopeness i lie staring at the sky by the pochers buenas noches, see the pies that approach us stockbrokes knocking cockroaches we dot the posters, the top postmokers leaving the beer coz i ain't leaving this chair "hey man" i ain't even here, beamed upstairs sitting on mars, politicing spittin 16 bars i blaze and switch between stars gotta hell of a flow but not to many's ever telling me so they too slow when my melody blow, i let the jealousy go way back, hey jack, i don't play that, wanna lay back in the hay sack lace tracks, erase todays crap, face flat, so rewind till your tape snaps (chours) it's paper y'all better wake up we starting the race, yup pardon me, man, wut paper say what? hard to break what? far from a faker what? it's all in my nature paper (Critics) Yo i've been wild and jiggy, my niggas been afraid of riding with me taking to threats when the style gets shitty lacing it nice and pretty hitting niggas when eyes are greedy these people lie, cry, die to get shimmy trying to drop the venom on 'em, mock the way they flowing, stop tha later morning to cop whatever they be showing in the stores from the chartlist, eating everything a nigga say like a harddisk, step into my office, home of the stoned and the heartless, where are my partnes? vinni (yup) i'm feeling nausceaus knowing these niggas done took it to the threshold, vinni wanna start something? you know that i be next door oh hell np, i ain't gonna leave him by his lonely,, i ain't really got nothing to say my players know me hold it ................gotta catchmy breath ready to go flow, like most these niggas ain't never heard on weed, off weed, drunk, sober, really doesn't matter when i kick it you know the show's over, i'm flowing on, cracking on whatever to spread word A, dot, A, dot on a rise, you heard (me) (Chorus) (Vinni) i try to call the lord, to get a life we can all afford a set of pipes and a wall of sword, better write coz i'm surely bored, get a light then i fall in chords get it tight and record it all, need a flight, see the waterfall, i need a bite coz i swore to ball, i be the type that'll tour the mall, leave my stripes by the shore and crawl, i'd just like a little more that's all bridge we here to lock it down double A - top shit, don't fuck around, roll j's, poop lips we gon bark now (... ...) till ya hear the (... ...) when it's dark outside and shit and we here to let you know we gon settle this for sure, so prepare to shut your door when it hits your home: feeling this for sure (Chorus)

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