What I'm All About Testo

Testo What I'm All About

[Chorus: x2]
I'm all about the beer, food, money, hoes
Tools, whips, chains,cClothes
Gettin' all of the above and drinkin' brew 'til I plummet
And I can punch a rapper's teeth deep into they stomachs

[Verse 1]
It's the rap Jesus! Rockin' imitation time pieces
Every lines feces, you know the shit hit the greases
I only spit the grime greases
Walkin' across stage holdin' my penis
Pockets full of stolen Visas
and pieces of paper with numbers from diseased up-skeezers
Pizza stains on my shirt, 'cause I stuck up a Little Caesers
I'm Filthy, Nasty, sick in the brain
Robbin' blind people, 'Cause now I'm into white caine[?]
I might blame the bottle, might blame the 'cid
But any way you look at it, my fuckin' brain is hit
A strange kid, a loud mouth, a shit talker
A backstabber, a bullshitter, a bitch stalker
An asshole, a lyin', cheatin', stealin'
Tell your lady she looks fat to fuckin' hurt her feelings
Swearin' that the chain is platinum, but its silver
And what about the mic?
You touch mine I'll kill ya
Everybody hit the ground!
It's like I'm spittin' rounds
Catch you feelin' it like hemoroids when they sittin' down
The flow that you can't with
Rappers get evicted
You all up on my dick, like your girlfriends favorite lipstick!


[Verse 2]
It's only 10a.m., I'm already brewed up
Step up to a 200 pound Pit, you gon' get chewed up
Last album blew yo nuts, this is the new stuff
From the screwed up cat
Beer belly and a crew cut
Dude what?
Any track you hand me I'ma scorch it
The white boy rollin singles at the wild orchid
I'll ask: Am I awkward?, Am I Different?
'Cause all I fuckin' crave is White Castles & Guinness
Every night Stank Breath he act a fool
Wake up saying I'll never drink again, then I crack a brew
I like speakin' foul and actin' rude
The type to sell you a Paradime C.D.
Break in your crib and yank it back from you
What's the problem? I was brought into this world
And I only like my mens and like girls who like girls
One Dollar to my name and I'm draped in [?]
Everybody 'round here sucks, thats precisely why I'm Solo!

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