Kayla Testo

Testo Kayla

Kayla, kiss me. Tell me you miss me.
For your voice, I long.
You're the cutest thing
that I've ever sang in a shitty song.

I'll go the whole nine yards til I'm back in your arms.
I'm breakin' all the rules
and setting off the alarms to your heart.
Girl, I'm falling apart over you.

Cuz you're all I need.

Kayla, Kayla can't you see?
I'm just a down to earth guy with a big ass dream,
trying to make my way. I wanna hear you say.

I was born your blank canvas
baby, and that's all I can be.
You can paint me anyway you'd like, especially in green.
If you know what I mean.

Yeah, what can I say?
You're still the most gorgeous girl I've met to date.
And I know it's gonna stay that way

My dearest darling,
I want you to be my everything so come back to me.
But I guess I ought've known better than to let you go.

Open you're eyes girl, it's written on your chest.
I'm the boy who could love you. Love you the best.

She's a scorpio and I'm singing this to let her know:
She's the apple of my eye, but still I have to try to win her over.
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