Last November Testo

Testo Last November

Looking backwardNo one afterLast NovemberSeems so long, long, long agoI was happyWith what we hadBut it was littleand now it's gone, gone, gone, goneI used to think that nothing else could ever beI wanted to hold on foreverNothing can explain the changes that I'm feelingI can't believe, I can't believe what happenedWhoa whoaI was holding on far too longBut I needed that in my weakest momentNo one closerNo one dearer knows me betterand held me so long, long, long, longWe used to sit we used to plan our lives togetherWe counted on the futureOh held my hand and held me up to stand it betterI can't believe, I can't believe what happenedWhoa whoaI feel stronger now that time has slipped me backI'm alone as well as youWhat a long time we have spent togetherI hope I can pick myself up and love againOh noWhoa whoa

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