Postcards From East Oceanside Testo

Testo Postcards From East Oceanside

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Out on the lawn Labor Day
Popsicle melts down your face
Cicadas beat their wings
Barbecued chicken and meat

When will it snow?
When will it snow?

Sweat holds the pennies in place
I stick fifteen on your face
The soles of our feet have been baked
I wish I were back in May

When will it snow?
When will it snow?

And God only knows
How free I can feel tonight
I've longed with the moon
Under the water I go
I touch the ocean floor
The sand in my fingertips
The sound in my head
Nobody knows what I know
Nobody knows what I'm feeling
Nobody knows what I feel
Nobody knows

When will it snow?

Concerts are free Sunday night
Come hear the songs by seaside
Lawnchairs and popcorn and ice
Postcards from east oceanside
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