Fossils Testo

Testo Fossils

Oh fossils, you lie there,
And you pickled yourself with the liquor you drink
You learned to walk
But now your will it shrinks
Stand tall my love I call as you sink
Oh fossils, turn your flesh to stone
You've encased these bones
In a body that will not grow.

And these hands are prone to stray
To keep dark thoughts and fears at bay
And they'll creep upon a spine that is not yours
They long for new notes, new notches, chords.
And I dripped salty water on your kitchen floor
It was meant as a gift
But it was taken sore

I thought the puddles pretty
As the glistened raw
But you've spent your whole life
Cleaning mess that was not yours

Oh fossils, you lie there,
And your family like lichen
Will cling to your skin
You made your stand,
But now your will it shrinks
Stand tall my love they call as you sink

Oh fossils,
Turned your flesh to stone
Now the sand that trickles through your veins is moving slow
And I'll look a ghost in the eye each day
Till my head is stone and my pillow clay
And these hands were the first that would go astray
But you never used your own to make them stay

So when I dripped salty water
On your kitchen floor
And I thought you'd be thankful
But you took it sore
And you said these puddles prickle
Till my skin is raw.
And I've spent my whole life cleaning mess.
I won't clean yours.
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