Long Division Blues Testo

Testo Long Division Blues

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Everybody up,
We're all getting down
I wrote out the names
And then I scratched them out

Everybody down
We're all getting fired up
I'm sorry I haven't called you back
My love

See not one thought
Would not stay long enough
They just knocked the next one down
And called each other bluff

Like some domino game
Or two plair pair
Where you find two the same
Then those two disappear

I couldn't prove that I love you
I couldn't prove that I love you
I couldn't prove that I don't

You can't fix something
That refuses to break
It all falls apart with just one small mistake
Our love is like a long division
Our love is like a long division

Please argument won't you stay here with me
Lay yourself down on the floor by my feet
Stay just long enough, no not too long
So I see where you're right
But not where you're wrong
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