Lover Gone Testo

Testo Lover Gone

Lover gone
this song is a good one
In four years, I'll be anyone
but for four years long I was there
where you are

Lover gone
this song I swear is a kind one
'coz the words that I sing
you once helped me write
and the fear I feel
you once helped me fight

And my skin still holds light
from the sun
on the beach
where we first fell

Oh, lover gone this song
is no love song because our loves gone

But the four letter of my name are still
the first four of yours
the four poster on your bed
is still the first in which I crawl

Without pretense
without purpose
without drink
without remorse

When I gave to you four years out of my twenty-four
I gave to you four years
I gave to you four years
but couldn't bring myself to give you more

And lover gone, this song is not a long one
but for four years we played safe in the place
that was warm
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