The Suite For Beaver Part 1 Testo

Testo The Suite For Beaver Part 1

(Double K)
I live for analog lifestyles, sometimes it's wild
I wake up to see the Sunday and my thoughts start to pile up
And it's rough being a young cool man
Don't wanna hear nobody tryna tell me what they're thinking and
Thinkin' and shammin', thinkin' that they're jammin' tonight
It's a high day so I proceed to go my way
Out of contact, turn up the beats and start to zone out
The phones ring, I knocked the phone out
I'm bout to (bone?) out, I need a little ism for my Friday
Hit my nigga up told him I'm on my way
But before I got where I was going pages started flowing
This freak from around my way, the bitch was mindblowing
But no time for her, I'm on some cool out shit
Copped my mag hit the pass and bag and watch the (news?) flip
I'm in the middle of a headknot when all of a sudden
The power went off soon as I hit the cake button
Now Double K ain't afraid of no ghosts
And I know I ain't trippin' off this Bombay smoke
I'm 'bout to push the 'P' blowing til my mind is shut but yo-
(That was real weed right there)

(Thes One)
It's been on of those weeks, stressin' frequently
Scroungin' up money, paying rent and (DWP?)
My girl, boots swingin' at the funny, getting tester
Left for the studio but broke a compressor
Rock the show on Tuesday, promoter didn't pay me
Say “Y'all never work again in this here city of LA”
So the middle finger I flipped and then my jeans ripped
I order double Jack but they gave me fish and chips
That was last night and now I'm like ready to drink
Forget the dirty laundry and the dishes in the sink
Cause the party life is like nothing else
And if you got a lot of problems put your shit on the shelf
And let yourself go (I felt no)
Worries as I slid out south to Cresent Heights where the Double stay
Hid out on the block at night, arrive, walkin' jive talkin'
Slappin' 0-5, it's time for the party life

(Thes One)
What up Double? Yeah that's a dope beat
Man I heard there was a spot poppin' off down the street
We can crash and smash for free, Long Is. ice tea
Heard the bartender is a fan of the 'P'

(Double K)
Ahh sounds like a mother my brother
Let me get my (smash?) jeans make sure my t-shirts clean
We can ride up the block, top choice with big hats
Steady sippin', hearing mumblin' 'Man what's that?'

(Thes One)
I think I hit a little something just to wet my whistle
Don't touch the silver bullet, I'm drinking the (milla mistle?)
And I reminise a little 'bout the days of old
When I use to drink it all down, or so I'm told
But whatever, I start the car, raise the brake
Lever never swerve, pull up to the club as we hit the curb
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