Zignaflyinblow Testo

Testo Zignaflyinblow

Tiziano Ferro, al concerto non si presentano 1000 persone per paura di attentati
Hold me a one and I'm blunted
Each and every other hour
On the bad vacant find I'm back to ?
*You niggas out there smokin that dope*
Tell your mumma "shut up"
And they crack its the herbalonics
Some people call it the chronic
I call it the best stress reliever, the mind pleaser
Dakobe told me that its the best way to pull a skeezer out the
Draws, no flaws when I begin to roll up
*Hey, whats up big man, can I hit that?*
Dude, Hold up
We'll talk about it right after I'm done getting bouted
Stay clouded with my local reefer merchant so my purchase will be fat
Not skinny, yeah I smoke plenty
And it aint to look pretty, I bring j's up this stone city
floating round my town, cracking jokes, eating food
Acting the fucking clown and all my friends are down
To chip in, and hit a few, I mean ?? a few
And if you don't like Cheeba then this song aint for you
I'm sayin you should try it, dont be a fake my brother
Put your lips up to the shit and close your eyes and hit the motherfucker
Fuck your friends and everything that they know
I'm Double-K bringin it up, its one minute like a pro
So all my weed head niggas get busy in the place
I'm out three times, i'ma bout to take one to the face like...