Live Freestyle 1991 Testo

Testo Live Freestyle 1991

(feat. Lord Sear)

[Percee P]
Check it out... You hit me, hit me with a little something...
Check it out, check it out... Check it out...
Yeah, yeah, yeah, check it out...

I'm a innovator, eliminator of imitators
I intimidate 'em disintegrate 'em with demonstratin'
Poetical skills whoever gets healed better 'll field
And they better at building mind's rhymes that never get killed
If you're clever never play me close champ
When I kick it I get wicked I'm lickin' it stickin' it like a post stamp
It takes six, I can make hits accapella
I should sell a million of and livin' like Rocafella
Battle me? I gotta see m'originality of strategy
Or that'll be another fatality
Rap and I like the sport and I write with thought
On the mic record adversaries 'll put 'em on life support I
Heard your soundtrack, lyrics sound wack to me
Actually I'm the best around black
T-Ray make beats, others take beats
Abuse 'em use 'em to death but they'll never level the breakbeats
Those with audacity tryina smash the P
Won't last with me using their full capacity
If you wanna get deep, I made a big leap
From corners, now I'm on a label called Big Beat
Percee P's unforgetable
Writin' recitin' incredible shit no-one else could ever do

Check it out, I'm out...
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