Breakin In Testo

Testo Breakin In

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Here I am
Building up another plan
To knock you down
My monkey's up on your back
Throwin' you off the track

I am knuckles by the hand
That pounds you down
Till you become aware of you
I control what you do

Stuck in my maze
Blind alleys always in the way
Give you hard times
My job is breakin in your mind
I feed your fear
But face me and I will disappear
Find out my name
Then you are the master of your game

My boot camp tricks
Help you polish up your licks
And flex your mind
As soon as I am through with you
You leave me behind

Stuck in your line
Crossed me right out of your design
I had my time
My job is breakin in your mind
I feed your fear
You've seen me and now I've disappeared
You know my name
Now you are the master of your game
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