Nothing To Lose Testo

Testo Nothing To Lose

Im flat broke and busted, an i aint gotta dime bout to lose my truck,
hell ive already lost my mind, gotta keep pressing on,
never look back, how the hell did my life get so damn way off track,
nothing for me is a what it seems i gotta try to wake up from this dream

cuz im standing on the corner of north an main i gotta bottle in my hand
just to kill the pain, nothing in my pockets bout to go
insane, this trains going fast an the way i go an the next stop man nobody knows,
for this man, got nothing to lose

gotta half pack of smokes, gotta last me all day, gotta nother long week
till i get paid, there aint nothin in this house but
tha pictures an boos i gotta cold hearted woman jus left me the news,
shes gone, long gone, still cant help but think of you an
what the hell am i suppose to do

chorus x2

got nothing to lose
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