Break Ya Pumps (Remix) Testo

Testo Break Ya Pumps (Remix)

[feat. Pinky XXX]

Pump ya breaks bitch break ya pump
Don't pump breaks, bitch break ya pump [x4]
You know it's pimping if ya see ha with the kid
I put a wig on the pig and I tell the bitch ta kick it
In the game on my life you ain't fucking with a rookie
You need to gone and get the full potential out ya pussy
See I'm a fly nigga... I take cash from a hoe
Tryna jump in this whip I need gas from the hoe
Naw I don't do the track hoe, we gone play the net
If ain't u didn't know hoe you fucking with the best

Million dollar bitch with a attitude to match it
I hustle so that means I get all of my stratch
Picture me giving all of my money to a lame
Cornball as nigga who swear he got game
All around the country they be loving my name
[PinkyXXX:] (Bitch I'm running this game)
I be in the hood never took in my chain
Niggas wanna fuck me, I be stuck in they brain
I think just like a nigga so the homies call me shero
Cause I don't give a fuck about no hoe de-low
I see so many bitches getting no dough zero
That's why I came to motivate and be a hoe hero
If you fuckin niggas for nothing, I'm like no
There's power in that pussy, you betta get u some dough
Fuck a conversation if it ain't about that
Tell a nigga pump his breaks and break ya pumps for that stratch bitch.

See I be pimpimg on these hoes, no fucks for free
So if you ain't hoeing you can't fucks with me
It's Philthy
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