E-v-i-l B-o-y-s Testo

Testo E-v-i-l B-o-y-s

Those boys are always up to somethin and its bringing me to tears cause just before you get home it all just magically disaapperas those boys are evil but before you get home they clean up the mess

those boys are evil let me spell it out to you mom E-V-I-L B-O-Y-S

they built a roller coster and a beach in the backyard they drove cattle theough the city on step down bluvard they took me back in time when we went to that museum they built 50 foot house robots but still you didnt seem em those boys are evil there crazy shinanigans cause me all kind of distress

those boys are evil sing it with me E-V-I-L B-O-Y-S

i know you think there saints but mom im here to tell ther B-O-Y-S there just E-V-I-L those boys are evil there making me feel like my heads in a hydrolic press and i dont feel to good those boys are evil everybody E-V-I-L B-O-Y-S thats right im talkin about E-V-I-L B-O-Y-S thats right those boys are evil little boys
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