Gone To California Testo

Testo Gone To California

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
Goin' to California To live in the summer sun The streets are made of silver I'm like a rabbit on the run Philadelphia freedom Well, it´s not like you have heard, The City of Brotherly Love Is full of pain and hurt I'm goin'to California To find my pot of gold Corruption on every corner Hustlers selling sweets Baby is home crying While her momma's on the streets Everybody's dying Have you heard the news today? A woman in north Philly is mourning The bullet took another son away I'm goin' to California I'm goin' far, far, far away Goin to California, yes To resurrect my soul The sun is always shining, Or at least that's what I'm told Goin' to California There's a better life for me, yes Goin' to California I'll write and tell you what I see Goin' to California Somebody say a prayer for me