Waiting All Day For Sunday Night Testo

Testo Waiting All Day For Sunday Night

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
All right Sunday Night where are you? Just kicking back from the things that you do You want the Big Game, we want it too! Hey Jack it's a fact, the best show in town, Sunday Night Football we ain't messing around Al and John will make you crank up the sound ... The NFL's best have come to play For every fan there's just one thing left to say, ay, ay, ay ... I've been waiting all day for Sunday Night The tough get rough in a primetime fight The last one standing gets to turn out the lights Cause I been waiting all day for Sunday Night Sunday Night Football on NBC The only game that you have to see Don't need a ticket, all you need's a TV Cause the NFL rocks on NBC

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