Let There Be More Light Testo

Testo Let There Be More Light

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Far far far away way
people heard him say say
I will find a way way
there will come a day day
something will be done

Then at last the mighty ship
descending at a point of flame
made contact with the human race at no time

Now now now is the time time
time to be be be aware

Not as far the solar bear
in human role revealed to him
a living soul of heavenward forever

Sunlight, something in my eye
something in the sky
waiting there for me

The antilope grows hurling back
the servicemen would like to sigh
the memory wentflowing rounds
as Lucy in the sky

Oh oh did you ever know
no never ever will they ascend

Summoning in his cosmic powers
and flowing slightly from his toes
psychedelic nations fly
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